Juno Structure

Juno Structure

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As you examine the Screenplay Summary of Juno, you will quickly see the linearity of the story narrative as it unfolds Sequence by Sequence. Once Juno decides against having an abortion, which she does to conclude Act I, there are really only two issues: 1) What could go wrong with Vanessa and Mark adopting Juno's baby? 2) Will Juno and Paulie reconcile to be together? There is one sub-plot related to the first question that feeds directly into the outcome of Juno's goal (to find the perfect parents to adopt her unborn baby). At the mid-point of Act, II, Vanessa and Mark foreshadow their problems out of ear-shot of Juno, which generates anxiety in the audience partly because of expectation that things almost never go according to plan in movies. This is a remarkable screenplay.Includes a free PDF download of an undated screenplay.



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