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ScreenWriting Science focuses on the identification, analysis and documentation of the structure and plots of successful movies to help you write your own screenplay, to do research on creative screenwriting, as well to enhance your enjoyment of the movies you watch. While a component of ScreenWriting Science is research and materials presented in the spirit of open discussion, the Screenplay Summaries represent a significant effort and expense. Consequently, the Screenplay Summaries cannot be offered free of a fair market price.


Individual Use
Any copying, duplication or multiple printing of the Screenplay Summaries for distribution to others either by printing or electronic transmission, including by educational institutions (schools, colleges and universities), or to participants at commercial workshops and lectures, does NOT constitute 'Fair Use' as defined by United States Copyright Laws and is therefore ILLEGAL. Currently, the download limit is set to a total of five downloads per purchase over a 96 hour period beginning with your first download in order to prevent posting or publication of the download link for others. At the present time, you do not need any code to print the PDF documents. Should you purchase a Screenplay Summary and either lose the link before you print the file or require an exception to this arrangement, please contact ScreenWriting Science with an explanation of your needs and I will gladly accommodate you. Please note that each PDF summary contains a unique encryption code that we search for on the internet on a regular basis to detect copyright infringements.

Educational Institutions
Educational Institutions may contact ScreenWriting Science for multiple use licenses at a discount for class purposes either through this website or e-mail via Any multiple copying of the Screenplay Summaries for distribution to others, including class, is strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Please feel free to utilize the Template and Sequence-Scene structure of the Screenplay Summaries for your own writing - all that is asked is that you acknowledge the source as: 'ScreenWriting Science' at this website.

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